Jewel weed, a highly addictive and illegal drug that has become a hot commodity in recent years, is now available on Amazon in the US for $2.99 per ounce.

The drug is legal in 18 states and the District of Columbia.

It has been prescribed for people suffering from chronic pain and chronic anxiety.

The seller’s description says the drug is “made from high quality hemp seed oil and is made with a patented hemp-derived cannabinoid extract to provide relief from the negative effects of cannabis and other psychoactive substances.”

The seller states the “hemp oil” is the purest form of cannabis oil available, making it “pure, non-psychoactive and completely safe for inhalation.”

According to the seller, the “high quality” hemp oil is made using “the most advanced industrial hemp cultivation technology” and is “safe for human consumption.”

The product is available at many retailers including Amazon, Walmart, and CVS, according to the listing.