British actress Samantha Baker has been linked to the assassination of the late former MI6 chief Sir John Sawers and has been dubbed “The Big Bad”.

Baker has been named in a court document as a person of interest in the case against Sawers, who is accused of the murders of his ex-wife, ex-solicitor-general Sir James Goodale and his then-lover, the former MI5 agent David Miller.

Baker, who plays Miss May in the spy drama, is currently on a tour of the UK, in the wake of her appearance on The X Factor.

She also appeared on the hit BBC sitcom, Sherlock.

She is the third person to be named in the Sawers case.

In March, a jury heard that Baker had met the then-67-year-old former MI7 chief in a London hotel room and then allegedly offered him money and sex in return for his silence on Sawers murder.

The BBC said that Baker, who has been accused of trying to kill Sawers on several occasions, had been on a “working holiday” in London since March.

The show’s producers said Baker would be leaving the UK and returning to the UK on Tuesday.