The nail polish craze has been so popular in Japan that many of us are still buying and using our nails, and the Japanese nail polish industry is booming!

But the trend isn’t only here in Japan.

Across the world, people are getting addicted to nail polish, too.

So, we asked the experts to share some tips on how to get the perfect look on your nails without spending an arm and a leg on your nail bed.1.

Make sure you’re using nail polish that’s in the right bottle (or two)When you buy a nail polish bottle, you can choose between two kinds of polish: a standard gel, and a liquid polish.

The gel is the clear, watery gel, which is the perfect base for your polish.

A liquid polish is watery, but it’s much easier to apply, because you can just use your finger to rub on the gel.

You’ll also find some nail polishes that have more concentrated gel in them, but if you’re a big fan of liquid polish, you might want to try a gel polish first.2.

Wash your nails frequentlyBefore you go out and buy nail polish on the internet, wash your hands with soap and water after each use.

This will help remove any dirt and bacteria that might be in your nails.3.

Use a gel polisher when it comes to nail artIf you want to get a bit more dramatic, you could even spray gel on your hands and let it dry for a few minutes before you apply your polish, as it will help get the nail art a bit shinier.4.

Always use nail polish remover when you’re buying a polishYou can use nail remover to remove the gel polish you bought from the nail salon, too, and if you want it to stay on longer, it’s a good idea to use it on your own nails too.5.

Never use a gel-based nail polish if you’ve got blemishes or discolorationThe best way to get your nails looking great is to apply a gel, then apply nail polish onto it.

That way, you don’t need to worry about how much polish you use.

It also makes your nails feel smooth, and will also remove any discolouration or blemish.

If you’re really into this kind of thing, you should also try a regular gel polish, since it’s easier to wash off.6.

Avoid using gel polish when you have a dry skinYou can also apply a non-gel polish if your skin is dry, or you might have a sensitive skin, or if you have an allergy to the gel-type polish.

If your skin gets oily or dry, you’ll also want to use a non the gel, like an oil-based or a gel spray.7.

Never apply gel-paint on your fingernailsThe way to do this is by wiping your hands lightly on the nail, then using your fingers to wipe off any remaining gel-like polish off your nails, then applying the same polish to your nails again.

You can use the same technique for applying gel polish as well.8.

Never brush on gel polishIf you’ve ever tried to brush gel polish on your fingers, you know that this causes your nails to turn a dull grey.

The best way is to use an oil or gel remover that has been used for nail polishing, or to use nail paint remover.9.

Don’t use a nail bed for gel polishYou don’t want to accidentally apply gel polish onto your nails when you brush it on, because the gel will spread out.

Instead, use a sponge, like a finger or a cotton swab.

Then, wipe the gel off your nail.

It will keep your nail polish from spreading, and also keep it from drying.10.

Avoid getting too much nail polishIf your nails are dry, the best thing to do is just to use regular polish and let the polish sit on them.

You won’t get any shine or discolorations.