The shop is named after a famous jeweller from the 18th century, who sold his wares to wealthy individuals and their servants.

It is situated in a posh part of London’s fashionable Notting Hill neighbourhood.

The shop has a huge collection of jewellery, with over 300 pieces on display.

It has been open for more than a century and has become a hub for the jewellery industry.

But what makes it so special?

“I think its the quality of the jeweller and the jeweller is the jeweler.

If you have a great jeweller, then you will get great results,” said Ali, a middle-aged man with a neatly trimmed beige beard.

“If the jewells are poor quality, then I think the result will be different.”

The shop has been a fixture in Notting Hill for more to than 200 years, and is the home of the famous jewellery family.

Ali and his brother Mohammed, a retired engineer, said they were lucky to have a jeweller of Ali’s calibre who was also keen to help them.

“The jewellists who are here today have been working for me for more then 100 years,” said Mohammed.

“We came here from India, and we had to pay our wages in gold and silver.

I have never heard of a jewellist like this, he is like a hero.”

Ali is part of a family of eight who live in the nearby area of Notting Hill, and he said his father was the first person who visited them when he was growing up.

“My father was a teacher at the local school.

My mother is a retired journalist,” he said.

He said he did not know his father’s real name, but he did remember him as a kind, caring man who taught him how to use a pencil.

“When I started my job, my father would always say, ‘You should study at the university, because if you go to a university you will be a doctor’.” The family is now in their 40s and have no plans to leave their neighbourhood.

“It’s a big community here,” said Abdullah, the shop’s owner.

But not all jewelliers have the same quality.

“I don’t have any of these fine people in the shop, because they are very busy,” said Mohamad, the owner.

“But if they were here, they would know about the quality, because we work in such a large store.”

It is a community that is more than willing to give Ali a chance to make a living from his jewellery business.

“My grandfather always worked here,” he explained.

“When he died, I asked my mother if I could be the new owner, and she said yes.”

Mohammed, who is a former taxi driver, said he wanted to return to his old profession and started working at the shop.

“I used to drive taxis for a living, but now I am going to do a taxi business,” he told BBC Trending.

Mohamad has been selling jewellery for the past decade and has been able to turn a profit in just six months.

Although he is not a very big shop, Ali said it has helped him stay busy.

“If I want to get more money for my son, I will have to find a jewellery shop,” he added.

“And I think that if you work hard and make money, you will have the chance.”