When it comes to the most important day of the year, what’s the best way to dress?

That depends on the person in question.

Here’s what we learned.


The dress code is the key to a successful day.

“The key to any successful day is a good dress,” says Kate E. Moll, the managing director of the boutique and spa at Kalyan Jewellers in New York City.

“I like to go with a simple, modern, timeless style that’s very feminine and looks professional.”

To do this, Moll suggests wearing a suit, a blazer or a skirt.

But if you’re more of a classic-day-wear sort of person, Mell also recommends wearing a jacket.

And she recommends keeping it clean, too.

“You want to make sure you have a good air quality,” she says.


Wear something simple.

“It can be a suit jacket, a skirt, or a dress,” Moll says.

And you want to keep it simple.

She says it’s best to wear something light and easy-going.


Wear a bowtie.

“Bowlties and button-downs are a staple, especially for business,” Mell says.

She recommends something that doesn’t require much effort but still looks elegant.


Wear jewelry.

“A little bit of color is a great touch,” Mink says.


Don’t be afraid to try new styles.

“There are so many different styles out there,” she adds.

“They can be different colors, different textures, different designs.

You can create a little bit more of an individuality with it.”


Get comfortable with the idea of taking off the top.

“That’s part of wearing a formal dress,” she notes.

“To me, it’s about not looking like a dress.”


Make it look great.

“Make sure you wear something that’s not overly formal,” she suggests.

“If you’re going to be in a formal setting, make sure the look is going to work.”


Choose a simple dress.

“When I’m in a traditional office setting, I’m going to have to wear a dress or something with a skirt,” Mankovic says.

“Because the whole office, it is very formal.”


Wear gloves.

“Some people don’t like to wear gloves, so I find that it’s better to wear the skirt, she says, adding that the only reason to wear an overcoat is if you plan to be outside.

“Not too dark, not too dark,” she advises. “

Your skin needs to feel nice and soft,” she explains.

“Not too dark, not too dark,” she advises.

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