Burgers from Norwegian jewel restaurant Norwegian Jewel restaurant have been given the top spot in the latest poll by Football Italian, which also found that Italy’s Casa Rosso has the most famous burgers.

Norwegian Jewel owner and former FIFA president Olaf Jonsson is one of the best known names in the food business in Norway, and his Burgers at Norwegians restaurant has a reputation for being the ultimate burger experience.

This year, Norwegian Jewel opened its first restaurant in the capital, Oslo, in 2017, with plans to expand to other cities over the next two years.

In the latest Football Italy poll, the restaurant won the top award, taking the spot from another Norwegian jewel, Sogni’s restaurant in Copenhagen, which took first place in the previous poll.

The poll was conducted between November 18 and 21, and was weighted to take into account popularity of the players’ respective teams and the country in which they live.

The winner will be announced at a later date.