Jewelers have been trying to capitalize on bitcoin’s success by opening stores and buying bitcoin to sell them online.

However, a couple of weeks ago, it was reported that a couple in the Chicago area were selling their jewelry for about $10,000, or about 2 percent of their entire market value.

In some cases, they were selling for $50,000.

The Chicago Tribune reported that one man had purchased a $500,000 jewelry box in Chicago with bitcoins.

The box, which the man had given to his mother, contained a pair of gold earrings and a gold necklace.

The earrings had been bought on a whim by the man’s mother, who said she was a bitcoin aficionado.

The article said the earrings were purchased at a discount and were sold to the woman for $500.

However the seller of the gold jewelry box, who was not identified, told the Chicago Tribune the earring was for her son, who had died in 2015.

The man who bought the ear ring said that it was worth more than $1 million at the time.

A gold necklace, which had been sold for $25,000 and was valued at about $50 million at that time, was worth another $500 at the same time.

The woman who purchased the ear rings, who told the Tribune she had given the gold necklace to her son after her husband’s death, said that the necklace had been worth $30,000 at the auction, but that she had sold it to someone else for $150,000 last week.

Bitcoin, a virtual currency that has surged in value in recent months, is a payment network that uses cryptography to facilitate the transfer of money across networks.

Bitcoins are created by mining a series of computer calculations that produce a digital image of a digital currency.