The new title for the Jewel store has been released!

Check out the announcement for the shop!

The Jewel Store in Jewel Town now has its own name!

The new name for the store is “The Jewel”And yes, it’s a new name, as it’s the name of the store in the Jewel Town area, so you will have to come back to this section for the details!

It is important to note that the name Jewel is still being updated with new content and content updates throughout the month.

Here’s a look at what you need to know:The store is currently only in the city and can only be accessed through the NPC that’s at the entrance to the Jewel City.

There are no quests available, but you can visit the Jewel Store to buy things, and even get an exclusive NPC from the Jewel Shop.

The Jewel Shop has the same NPC that you would expect.

There is no quest requirement to enter the store, but there are a few things you will want to take note of:The shop is only available for players who have purchased the first Jewel Quest in the game.

You will need to complete that quest in order to gain access to the shop.

You must visit the Jeweled Man, located in the north-western corner of Jewel Town, to get to the merchant.

Once you have been inside the shop, you can then use the item card in the front to purchase items from the shop to earn Jewel Points.

There are four different types of Jewel Points that you can earn.

Each Jewel Point can be exchanged for a specific Jewel Item in the shop at a rate of 10 Jewel Points per Jewel Item.

The items that you will need are: 1 Jewel Ring – 50 Jewel Points