The owner of a jewellery store in South Australia is facing court after her two sons were hit with $500 million in debt in their names.

Key points:The jewellery business was set up in 2009 by Kia Imani, whose son Daniel is also the founder of the companyIn court, the business is charged with $1.5 million in debtsKia Imansons son Daniel has been ordered to repay the money to the businessThe business, located in the north-east suburb of Geelong, is the largest jewellery chain in Australia, and was set-up by Kiam Imanis son Daniel.

Kiai, who is the daughter of Iranian-born businessman Mohammad Iman.

She said the business was not run as a jewellers and she did not expect her sons to be involved.

“My boys are not involved in the business,” she said.

“The business is run by my husband.”

We just want to make money and it’s been running for many years and we don’t need it to be run as jewelleries.

“She said she would try to repay as much of the debt as she could.

The business was started by her husband in 2009, when Daniel was 17.”

I have a great sense of humour and I do my best to work out what I can to make my kids happy,” Ms Imanin said.

Kiam Imanson’s husband, Daniel Iman, is a jeweller.

The court heard Ms Imansoni was not involved with the business.”

Daniel has been charged with breach of the financial responsibility act,” District Court Judge Andrew McGlashan told the hearing.”

If he’s not going to comply with that, he will be charged.

“Ms Imanoni has been remanded in custody until November 20.

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