A diamond shop in Atlanta is offering customers the opportunity to save on their diamond purchases by cutting the price of diamonds in half or cutting their price by $20 or less.

Valentina Jewelers says it’s making the change after seeing customers complain about the high price of gems.

“The people who are complaining are really hurting the industry because of the high prices and the fact that there are so many of these prices going up,” said Valentina owner Karen Mancuso.

“We’re going to cut our price by 20 percent to 30 percent, we’re going all in.

And we’re also going to take all of the revenue from the sales that we have.”

Mancusa said the changes are the result of customer feedback, but she doesn’t want to see any changes made to the retail pricing of diamonds.

“I don’t think there should be a change in the price,” she said.

“It should be an affordable price for everybody, but I think it’s a good idea that we do that in a way that helps the industry and the consumer.”

Mannes said she understands the desire to cut back on diamond prices, but said it’s important to make sure people are getting the value of diamonds at reasonable prices.

“There’s a difference between cutting your price to reduce a markup or cutting your cost to reduce cost,” she explained.

“In our industry we have to be honest with the consumer.

We have to sell at the price that the consumer is paying.

We can’t say, ‘I’m going to lower your price by 10 percent, and I’m going take 20 percent off of your price.'”

Mancu said the diamond industry is experiencing a decline in demand for diamonds, and that she hopes the changes to cut prices will help drive sales.

“People are just being very honest and being honest with us,” she added.

“And when people are honest with each other, they are going to make the right decision.”