The best tarytown jeweler in town is no longer in business.

It was the owner of a shop in the tarry towns oldest and best known neighbourhood.

In 2014, he was arrested and charged with trafficking and prostitution.

He is serving a sentence of three years in jail and will likely spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Now, it appears he may have changed his name, but it’s not for good.

Tarrytown Jewelers owner Michael Kuchery has been a fixture of tary towns jewellery community for almost 30 years.

He first opened up shop in 1975 and his store is located in the town of Tarrytown, located south of St. Paul, Minnesota.

He opened his shop in 1979 and he still has a store on the same street, but now it’s called a gift shop and he’s got a new owner.

In 2013, the owner announced he was retiring, but his shop still runs as a hobby store, and is open to the public, according to local news.

Tarytown Jeweler Michael Koughery, who was arrested in the United States in 2014, is serving his prison sentence.

(Supplied: Kuchers family)Koughers family confirmed to Newsweek that Kuchereys name had changed, and he will not be returning to the town, as his wife told Newsweek.

“We just want to let everyone know he will be gone,” Koughereys daughter Stephanie told the publication.

“He’s gone.

He’s gone and he is no more.

His shop will be open, but we just want everyone to know.”

But that doesn’t mean that Kougheys shop will close.

Kougheyy said he is open for business and will continue to offer custom tarry Town jewellery.

“The tarry people have been really supportive,” Kucheys wife Stephanie said.

“I know the people that work at TarryTown are really nice.

I just want them to know that he will never be back in the neighbourhood.”