Posted December 09, 2018 03:04:20Kay Jewelers Locations has announced plans to sell its luxury jewelry vape in New York City, the US.

The Auckland-based company announced plans on Wednesday to open a second shop in Manhattan at 545 Broadway, a landmark shopping spot in the East Village, that would be a jeweler’s “ultimate destination”.

Kay Jeweler Locations’ business model will be similar to that of its rival, Luxury Jewelers, which sells its own e-cigarettes, in that customers will buy and vape e-juice, then leave the vape unattended.

“The goal is to create a retail experience that is both relaxing and safe,” Kay Jewelers locations general manager of retail and customer services, Paul Breslow, told the New York Times.

Kay is the third company to sell e-liquid and vapor products in New Jersey, following two others, Luxurious Jewelers and Kay Jeweler, which both sold vapor products.

It said that the launch would allow customers to get their fix of e-cigarette products at an affordable price and allow them to “smoke, vape, and vape with peace of mind”.

Vapor products are commonly sold in convenience stores, online, and on e-commerce websites such as Amazon and Ebay.

At the time of the announcement, Kay Jeweleries was planning to open the Manhattan shop in late February.

Luxury Jewelings said it had not yet decided whether or not to open its Manhattan shop, but that it was exploring options.

A spokeswoman for Luxury said that it had yet to make a decision and that Kay Jewelering was “currently evaluating the possibility of opening a Manhattan shop”.

“We are always exploring new ways to bring the best products to consumers, and we are excited to partner with Kay Jeweliers to expand their business in the coming months,” she said.

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