Five Star jewelers can earn $1m a year if they keep to the same rules as other small jewelleries.

They have to take out a mortgage, pay a tax and a management fee, and keep their doors open at all times.

But the real trick is to make the jewellery look good, says Lisa Manners, who owns Five Star Jewelers in Wandsworth.

“You have to create a look and feel and a quality of the product that is unique to you,” she says.

It is a big challenge.

“It is like finding a needle in a haystack,” says Manners.

“I would never recommend a jewelers workshop for someone who has never worked with a needle.”

Five Star’s owner has a degree in fashion design and is also a certified jeweller, but she says she is passionate about her craft.

“If I don’t make a good impression, people won’t come in,” she laughs.

But Manners is not always happy with the outcome of her work.

“My biggest complaint is that I have to wait until they are done with my work and they’re not happy with what I have made,” she said.

But in some cases, the jewellering process can pay off handsomely.

When a designer from the cosmetics business asked her to design a necklace with the initials P.A.S.

P, she created a necklace inspired by the words.

“The necklace is absolutely beautiful,” she tells FourFourSeconds.

“Every day, I work with clients.

If I am lucky, they come back and say, ‘I love it’.” Manners’ clients have included models, politicians, and politicians themselves.

“Most of them want a piece of my work,” she adds.

“And they’re the only ones who will get one.”