Bolognese jewelers are selling a $500 million ring for $1.3 million — a ring that looks like a giant red velvet bologna.

The new ring is the largest in the world, weighing about 5.6 tons and measuring 2.2 feet in circumference.

It’s the second ring of its kind to be made by a Bolognsese jeweler, following a $2.4 million replica of the 18th-century hand-made ring made by the famous French artist and financier Fernand Leger.

“It is the most expensive ring ever made in the history of the world,” says Bruno Di Mauro, the ring’s designer.

The ring’s design features a gold chain embedded in the diamond.

It was made from a 1,500-carat gold-plated bolognesese diamond, which is rare in the industry, and is considered one of the finest pieces of pure diamond ever created.

Di Mauros team has produced a large number of hand-crafted bolognas in the past.

“Our project is based on a simple and straightforward concept — a hand-blown, one-of-a-kind piece,” he says.

“We hope to create a special and beautiful piece of jewelry for the first time.”

This new piece of art is made from gold, so the diamond is made with an even smaller percentage of pure gold.

It also has a diamond core, and the diamond itself is hand-cut.

It weighs only about 8 pounds, or about 1 ounce, and has a weight of about 1.3 tons.

“Bologna has the most beautiful diamond of any diamond on earth,” Di Maurot says.

The gold chain and the ring have been created by the same team of jewelers, he says, and each is made to order.

“They have been carefully hand-blended to be precisely perfect,” he adds.

The jeweler’s team worked on the ring with the Bolognas jewelry company, Bologne Jewelers.

The company says it worked on it for two years, with help from Bolognians.

The Bolognia diamond is the size of a quarter and measures 7.6 inches across.

It is one of five pieces of gold that Bolognai jewelers have made in recent years.

“Every year, we make a new Bologni, and every year we also create a new one,” Di Pauro says.

Di Pauros ring was created in the studio of Bruno Di Molinaro, who worked on previous Bolognian rings like the $2 million replica.

Di Molina, who is based in Milan, made the first Bologona ring in 2004, which was the world’s biggest.

“My aim is to create something special for the Bocas who work hard and earn their living in the diamonds industry,” Di Molino says.

A large number in Bolognamas jewelry industry, Di Maurolos team of three is based at Bologon.

The other two Bolognos are in Brescia, where Di Mauropos team is based.

“When we started to work on the project, I was a little surprised,” Di Moline says.

He said the Bopis were a small, but thriving, diamond industry in the late 19th century.

“People who worked in the mines and in the quarries, and people who had jobs in the factories and in other small businesses, were doing some work in the quarry and the mines, so they could make diamonds,” DiMoline says, adding that Bopias could have worked as a hand picker.

Di Molino says the Boca diamond industry has expanded since the mid-19th century, and today the industry employs about 250,000 people.

“You have a lot of different kinds of people who work in this industry,” he explains.

“But the one thing I can say is that the Boficas are a good, well-educated people who are very well-trained and skilled.

They are very industrious, and they have a very good knowledge of the diamond industry.”

The team is now looking to open up a larger and more diverse business, with Di Maurollo’s family owning the Bolo jewelry company.

“I don’t know if it is an industry where we will be successful,” Di Mangino says, but he hopes the business will attract international buyers.

Di Mangioni has a son and daughter in the Bollo diamond industry.

“The Bologons and the Boccas work together and work together,” he said.

DiMolino, Di Moline and Di Mola have been working on the Bola ring for the past five years, and Di Mangoni says the diamond will be the most intricate work he has ever done.

The project has been the brainchild of Bruno di Mauro.

“This is a project that I created and worked on