By JASON SMITH and CHRISTOPHER A. BERNSTEINAssociated PressNew York (AP) Leonard Shaw, the iconic jeweler who died of lung cancer last year, is suing the jewelers who specialize in his collection.

The suit was filed Thursday in federal court in Manhattan by Shaw’s widow, Anne-Marie Shaw, and his son, David Shaw, a lawyer for Shaw’s estate.

The suit seeks unspecified damages for the harm caused to Shaw’s reputation and for the pain he has suffered.

It was filed by attorney William E. O’Neill and David Shaw.

Shaw died of a rare lung disease last month.

He had been living in a Manhattan apartment and did not receive medical treatment while at home.

He was 68.

He had been diagnosed with lung cancer in November 2014.

Shaw’s death came amid a legal battle over the sale of a $40 million piece of Shaw jewelry to the family of Stephen Paddock, who opened fire on concertgoers at the Las Vegas Strip.

Shaw had owned the jewelry for years.

A federal judge last year ordered Shaw’s family to sell the piece, but it was not sold.

Shaw sued the family for wrongful death.

His lawyers have argued the lawsuit was premature and did nothing to settle the case.

Shaws jewelry has drawn the ire of some of the nation’s top collectors.

The Shaw family is also trying to protect the rights of its own relatives, including his sons, David and David Jr., who live in Canada.

They said in court papers that Shaw’s sons would be able to sell jewelry that they have owned for generations without facing a court order or a possible death penalty.

The lawsuit seeks unspecified unspecified damages and damages for pain and suffering.

Shay, who was born in 1885 and spent most of his life in New York, was the most famous of the jeweler’s creations, said David Shaw in a statement.

He died at age 87 in October.

He is survived by his wife, Anne Shaw, his son David, and a brother, John Shaw.