Jewelers across India are busy creating the most beautiful tattoos for the world to see.

They are not just carving up their clients’ bodies but also transforming their faces into something that they themselves would never have imagined. 

Indian beauty guru Kalyan Ramachandran has a collection of more than 50,000 tattoos and has done more than 80 tattoos in his life.

He has done thousands of his own tattoos, including the crown of a lion and the head of a bull.

“My clients always want me to do something for them, they love me, so I do it,” he says.

 “In India, people will pay me to get tattoos, but the tattoo artist has to pay me, too.”

He says he gets around Rs 25,000 (around $36) to Rs 30,000 for each tattoo.

But if a client wants to get a new tattoo, he says, it can cost up to $500, which is much more expensive.

“You get the tattoo, you pay for the rest of the ink and then you get the money.

So, when you buy the tattoo it costs you more money,” he said.

Ramachandrant has become a major face in India, and has even become a local celebrity, after his tattoos have been featured on the cover of several magazines.

In the 1990s, he became the most expensive tattoo artist in the world and has been a success since.

His tattoo business has doubled every two years since.

It’s a business Ramachan has been making for a long time.

At the time, his business was largely limited to Bangalore.

When he came to India in 2010, he realised there was a huge demand for a tattoo.

His clientele was also diverse, with many from outside India.

The tattoos became his specialty and soon he was working in every part of India.

“India is a very multicultural country.

I was very lucky that I got the opportunity to work with different ethnicities.

I would also get the tattoos for different clients,” he explained.

While the number of tattoo shops has gone up, the cost of the tattoo is still high.

Many of the big tattoo artists like Ramachutran and his partners can’t afford the higher costs of a tattoo, and have to rely on the clients who do it for them.

He does this by offering a wide range of services, ranging from getting the ink to the tattoo. 

“I get the clients to do it themselves, the tattoo has to be done by the client,” he explains.

One of the biggest hurdles for many tattoo artists is finding clients who are willing to pay for their own tattoos.

They must be willing to be tattooed themselves.

If a client says no, Ramachnetras can take the money and go to a shop that is willing to tattoo them, but he must first pay for all the ink, and then the cost will rise.

To help get people to pay, Ramchandran and several other top tattoo artists are using a clever business model that involves taking money from tattoo shops and giving it to people who need the tattoo the most.

This helps to keep prices low. 

It also helps keep prices high because the money is being used to help pay for ink.

Even if the ink is expensive, it is still an amazing experience for the customer, said Ramachritan.

A huge percentage of the clients in his business are women, who he says are often reluctant to pay money upfront.

According to Ramachrant, this is because they are used to seeing the tattoo on a male body, and they want to do a good tattoo.

“Women want to have a good skin, good body, so they are reluctant to do tattoos,” he noted.

That reluctance is partly because women tend to be more accepting of tattoos, he said, because they tend to look at them in a different way.

However, some tattoo artists say they are getting better results when they do work for their clients.

They say their clients are very understanding, and not only willing to go through the tattoo process, they are also very satisfied with the results.

India’s tattoo industry is booming and is projected to grow to around 1.2 million jobs by 2020.

Most tattoo shops in India are located in the major cities and are the only ones that have the capital to do their work.

Kalyan says his customers are very diverse, from all over the country, and the demand is very high.

“In some parts of the country we have 50 to 100 people at a time, in other parts it is 200 to 500 people.

But the demand for our clients is so great that we have to do our work outside the major city,” he told me.

And he has a strong opinion about what the tattoo should be.

You need to have something different to look good.