Jewelry store owner James Holmes, a man of many hats, has sold his jewelers’ shop in Sydney’s heartland of Gold Coast.

He opened the shop in 1884 as an outlet for his family jewellery store, and in the last century he has owned a number of shops and shops across Sydney.

James Holmes was born in South Sydney in the late 1860s, and spent his childhood in Brisbane.

He graduated from Brisbane High School and studied art at the University of Queensland.

He then went to the Royal Academy of Art in 1901, where he studied under the legendary painter Arthur Colville.

Mr Holmes married Margaret in 1924, and they had two children, James and Martha.

He died in 1980, aged 95, in Sydney.

After his death, his sons and daughter bought the shop and ran it until they sold it in 2008.

James’s wife Margaret, a widow, sold the business in 2010.

Mr Watson said his father was a “truly special man”.

“He always had a sense of humour, he was a very kind and caring man, and he was always a good friend of mine,” he said.

“His family was very generous and generous, they gave everything to make sure we got a good start.”

He loved his family, he loved his children and he loved Australia.

“He died young, and his legacy lives on, and hopefully it will continue for a long time to come.”

The story of a Victorian jeweler, by Daniel Smith, is published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

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