The Crescent Jewellers of Seattle has closed its doors after 35 years in business.

Owner and owner-operator Harold Harkins, a man who has owned the shop for almost 40 years, was fired on Tuesday.

He was a key part of the local jewelry scene, and has long been known for his love of crescent and amethyst.

In 2018, Harkens announced he was leaving Crescent Jeweler’s shop in Bellevue to start his own company, Crescent Jewelry.

Harkings, a father of three, was in his mid-30s and had recently completed a bachelor’s degree in business administration at Seattle University.

The Crescent store was the oldest in Seattle and was one of the city’s first.

Harks said that he had been considering selling Crescent for a long time, but his plans to retire had been thwarted by the Seattle city council, which he said had not been supportive of his plans.

He said that when he found out that Crescent was closing, he went to Seattle to see what else he could do.

Hayss plans for the Crescent store were reportedly to reopen in 2019, but that has yet to come to fruition.

Haines sister, Tracey Hainens, who has been a part of Crescent’s life since its founding in the mid-1960s, was present at the news conference where the news was announced.

She said that she had hoped to remain in the Crescent business.

“I don’t want to say it wasn’t hard, but it was hard,” she said.

“We had to raise $40,000 just to get the building built, so it’s been very difficult.

He is the only one who ever believed in us. “

Harold was an inspiration to us all and our employees, as well as to everyone who came before and who will come after him.

We have a very tough task ahead of us, and we will work through it to the best of our ability.” “

As we all grieve, we’ll take it day by day.

We have a very tough task ahead of us, and we will work through it to the best of our ability.”

Hain, who is survived by his wife of nearly 40 years and three children, said that the Crescent family has worked very hard to provide for their family, and he was proud to be a part, both financially and personally, of it.

“He did not leave us to make this decision, and that’s what really saddens me,” Hainen said.

Crescent Jewelery will be sold to a new owner.

Hakes and his wife, Susan, have also taken a hiatus from the business.

They are the parents of two children and plan to retire at some point, and their son will join them.

Hains sister, who worked for Crescent Jewelership as a cashier, said she is devastated and is hoping that the family can find a way to bring back Crescent and its staff.

She expressed hope that they could reopen Crescent Jewel, but said that was unlikely.

Houlihan is a Seattle-based freelance writer.

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