The Philadelphia jewelers roughed up in a massive police raid earlier this year are now facing new threats from an angry mob that appears to be targeting the city’s largest jeweler.

The jewelry chain, which is part of the global jewelry and specialty goods conglomerate Dillard’s, was shuttered in March after the city sued for a new license for the facility.

The raid by Philadelphia police on the city�s largest jewelers came days after a New York jeweler, the city of New Orleans and the city and state of California sued the city for failing to license a company that was supposed to handle the state�s vast supply chain for jewelry.

The lawsuit was filed after Dillard�s said it had to cancel a scheduled sale to the California state of Nevada.

The city of Philadelphia, a city that has struggled financially under Democratic Mayor Jim Kenney and Democratic Gov.

Tom Wolf, said the company was selling precious metals and gems at its retail stores and that the police raid was retaliation for the city allowing the chain to operate.

The attorney general�s office said the raid was justified to protect public safety, as the company had been accused of criminal activity.

The attorney general said Dillard and its subsidiaries have done nothing wrong.

The raid also occurred in the wake of an explosion at a jewelry factory in California that killed three people and injured more than 20 others.

The company said at the time it had no plans to reopen.

The lawsuit by Philadelphia and New Orleans also sought to block a license for Dillard, which was a longtime customer of the city.

The city and New York sued the company and others in February.

The attorneys general� office said Diner is a national chain of over 1,000 jewelers that is a global player in the jewelry business.

It also said Daughters, the parent company of Dillards, is a major supplier to the jewelry industry and that it has a network of suppliers across the country.

The company had said it plans to open a new store at 705 E. Franklin Ave.

in Philadelphia by the end of the year.