The sport of tennis is about as different from the NBA as the NBA is from the NHL.

The NBA has a whole league and arena system, and it’s so hard to keep a team together.

In tennis, the stars have to be on the same page all the time.

When they aren’t, it’s the same old tennis story.

The Williams brothers are not the kind of people who are ever on the wrong side of the court.

They’re the kind who are so focused on winning that they can’t be bothered to watch what happens around them.

In his career, Williams has won five Grand Slam titles, including three major championships.

The first was in 1998, when he won the Australian Open, beating Roger Federer to claim his first Grand Slam.

Since then, he’s won nine Slam titles and won the US Open in 2014.

Williams won the American Open this year, but the crowd booed him on the way out.

He then had to watch from a press conference in the stands.

After winning, he was given a standing ovation.

But the crowd didn’t applaud.

They booed because the players, the crowd, the fans, didn’t respect Williams.

When Williams and his teammates won, the cheers were muted.

It was a strange moment for him.

He’d been playing against the best in the world, but when he had to face his former rivals, they were all the same.

They didn’t like him.

They hated him.

And he knew it.

He just couldn’t let it go.

The world is a very big place, and when it comes to tennis, everyone wants to be the best.

It’s not about the individual.

The people who love tennis are not that different from those who don’t.

They just want to win, and they want it badly.

In the US, where tennis is king, there’s no pressure to win or to show that you’re the best when there’s only one other person who wants it.

You have to win for everybody.

But Williams and the rest of the US tennis world were disappointed when Federer and Nadal lost in the quarterfinals.

They lost for a variety of reasons, but one of the most significant was the way they treated the players.

They were not very kind to the players and their coaches.

After the match, Williams told ESPN: “I have been a little frustrated because it’s not like they are being treated very well.”

Tennis is a game of pure chance.

If you have a good shot, you’re not going to get a great shot, because the odds are against you.

If the shot doesn’t go in, it doesn’t matter.

But that’s not how it was done in Australia.

The US players were the ones who gave Federer a great opportunity.

They played him so poorly that they had to make sure they were ready to win.

Federer was playing in the US Masters, which are the world championships, and his opponent was Rafael Nadal, the great clay-court player who won the tournament in 2010.

After losing the first set, Federer went up 1-2 against Nadal and then broke his serve.

The match had to be stopped, and Williams called it quits, but he didn’t let go of his win.

He had a chance to take the match with Nadal in the second set, but Nadal was determined to make a comeback.

He got back on the court to take one more point, but Federer made it to the final.

After Nadal made a comeback, Fed and Nadam were set to face off in the third set.

It didn’t take long for Nadal to pull out of the match.

He went down 3-0, and Fed had a tough time keeping him in the match until he hit a serve-and-volley winner that won the match 6-4.

Williams was frustrated by the way Nadal played in the first match.

“It was disappointing,” he told ESPN.

“We needed to get out of it and get ready for the second match.

But I thought that I played better in the last two matches, so I just tried to stay out of their way and try to do what I had to do.”

Williams was ready for another chance in the fourth game.

But Federer played the way he usually does, and he won 6-2.

That left Nadal on the loser’s table.

He wanted to win the match again, and so he hit another serve-off winner.

The crowd booing was even louder.

It got so loud that it nearly drowned out the match in the crowd.

Williams had to ask his coach to calm things down.

“I said, ‘Coach, why are we booing you?

Are you not giving the guys the opportunity to win?

Do you want to be in the locker room and play with your players?'” he said.

“He said, I’m not.

I’m giving you a chance, but I’m going to do everything