Richards jewell and netflix stock was trading at $10.50 on Friday before the stock plummeted to $2.65.

It then recovered to $4.40 before dropping again to $1.99.

It was trading as of 6:40 p.m.

ET on Friday.

On its website, the jewell is listing a range of services including “all streaming services, including Netflix”, “all online banking, and other financial services”.

But the listing says “we are not a bank, nor a financial institution”, and instead claims to offer “commercially-distributed financial services to clients worldwide”.

The listing does not say whether its financial services have a fixed term, and the listing also does not list a “service provider” or a “financial institution”.

“We don’t have any bank account information, so it is difficult to identify exactly how much you can earn, or whether you will earn more,” the listing states.

In a statement on Thursday, Netflix said it was “deeply disappointed” by the listing and would “continue to work with regulators and our clients to ensure this never happens again”.

“The world’s largest internet company and the world’s most trusted platform for people around the world to access the internet has no interest in restricting or censoring content.

Netflix believes in free speech and has a clear position that is based on the free speech of others,” the statement read.”

We’ve had zero complaints about this content from anyone at Netflix.

We will continue to work closely with regulators around the globe to ensure the content we offer is as accessible as possible to everyone.”