A few weeks ago, a stranger approached me in my hotel room in Norway with a gift: a pair of Japanese pearl earrings.

I had never heard of them, but I had heard the stories of Japanese jewelers who had worked tirelessly for years to make them into jewels.

I was curious.

So I asked if I could buy one.

The first thing I asked was if the earrings would fit me.

I’m 5’3″ and 120 pounds, so I couldn’t fit them in the ear hole, so it would be difficult for them to fit into my ear.

When I got home and got a good look at the jewelry, I was astonished. “

If you can’t find the size that’s right for you, go ahead,” he said.

When I got home and got a good look at the jewelry, I was astonished.

They were big!

The earrings are about 2.5 inches wide and 1.5″ thick.

They weigh about 3.5 ounces.

The diamonds are 1.4 ounces.

After getting the earring for $15, I couldnĀ“t resist the opportunity to try them on.

I went to the store, picked up a pair and immediately felt the magic.

They felt very comfortable in my ears.

While wearing them, I felt like I was wearing a diamond necklace, but with more jewelry.

It felt like a necklace, more jewelry, and I wasn’t alone in feeling that way.

A few days later, a man named Gordon said he had also purchased a pair for me.

Gordon was not only an experienced jeweler, he was also an expert at telling you what size earrings you need, how many diamonds, and how many gems you need.

Gordon is a self-taught jeweler and a diamond expert.

His expertise and his experience in selling earrings, diamond earrings and gemstones have made him a sought-after jeweler.

He sells to jewelers across the country, from New York to Los Angeles, and to museums, schools and other institutions.

Gordon, who has been selling earring earrings for 30 years, told ABC News, has seen the value of his craft skyrocket in the past two years.

He said he is still trying to keep up with demand.

But now, he said, he has a real estate business and has been asked by many to sell his services for $20 a piece.

Gordon has been making earrings since 1985, and in recent years he has been able to turn his shop into a global business.

In a recent interview with ABC News’ Peter Brown, Gordon said, “I do have to be honest.

I haven’t seen a huge increase in demand.

“Gordon said that while he still wants to sell earrings to people who are interested in buying them, he is having a hard time finding customers who will pay for the quality earrings that he makes for them.

Gordon said his shop is still open to the public, but he said they are only able to sell about 50 earrings a day.

He added that he wants to grow his business, and he said that his customers are still interested in purchasing earrings from him.

He said that some of his customers have been asking for the ear rings to be bigger, so he is adding extra rings to his inventory.

On the day of the interview, Gordon, along with a few other jewelers from around the country who also wanted to be interviewed, were taking their earrings home and were having a drink in the bar.

A woman approached them and said, Hey, how are you doing?

Gordon said she wanted to buy her earrings because she is in a bad relationship and couldn’t afford to buy another pair.

Gordon replied, Well, you know what?

She doesn’t need another pair of earrings in her life, because she just has enough.

She’s not going to need another earring when she’s in a relationship.

She can have a different earring.

Gordon told the woman that he is an expert in earring sizing and that the size she is buying is right for her.

She replied, So you want a ring that is smaller than the size I would normally buy, Gordon?

Gordon asked.

The woman said, No, I don’t.

Gordon asked, Well then, why would you buy that ring that I’m going to send you?

The woman replied, Because I want it to be a diamond, Gordon.

At Gordon’s shop, you can buy a diamond earring that’s a size 6 and a gemstone earring a size 8.

We also have earrings made of platinum, which are about 1.6 inches across.

But the diamonds themselves are about 3 to 4 inches in diameter.

Gordon explained that his customer base is really young, and there are only so many people who will want to buy jewelry that large.

One of Gordon’s customers is