Australia is now the latest country to take advantage of the Diamond Rush.

Today, Australian retailers are selling the gems that once went for hundreds of dollars each.

The country has become the largest exporter of diamonds in the world, with 1.2 million tons shipped annually.

It has also become the world’s largest producer of diamond-cut diamonds, with a market share of about 30%.

Diamonds were first introduced to Australia in 1836, and the Australian government has been pushing for the industry to be regulated for decades.

Now, it’s the turn of the diamond dealers.

Diamonds at retail in Australia can go for up to AU$30,000, according to Diamond Australia.

Australia has also been an international hub for diamond production.

Australia’s diamond industry produces more than 80% of the world total.

According to Diamond Trends, Australia is the third-largest producer of diamonds worldwide, behind China and South Africa.

In the US, the diamond industry has been booming for years, but in Australia, it has grown exponentially.

In 2013, the United States had the third largest diamond market in the country behind China.

Australia is also the second-largest market in Europe, behind Switzerland.

For a limited time, Diamond Australia is offering a limited number of diamond cut-outs.

You can purchase a diamond cutout in a selection of sizes, as well as pick up an assortment of other products.

The best deals on Australian diamonds are on diamonds cut from the highest quality diamonds.

Diamond Australia has been able to offer discounts on diamonds because they are used in jewellery, including bracelets and rings, as a replacement for the traditional diamond cut out.